quinta-feira, 2 de abril de 2009


Why do people try to be something they are not? Always pushing around each others just to get the perfect body, a perfect face, a different sex...a new life. Why do we always have to fight over a thing that we own? Arent we supposed to be free? To have tastes and someone that respect our opinions?...I guess so, but I'm afraid not.
I dont know if it just me but with the evolution of toughts that I'm surrounded with. I'm beginning to stop trusting in what I want or like. I dont know if I want to be a girly-girl, a tom-boy, a disguised girl or a man...I dont wonna stop being me, but now I'm not soo sure if I havent changed already! I want to be sexless, I want to be in a "Limbo" between man and woman! I want to be me and be able to search my own world, my own opion and tastes...
I want to see how it feels to be truly faithful to what I like and want, and be confortable at the same time with myself and others!

There is a box in my bed
Wich I should not open
The man screams
The girl shakes...
Open the door?
Free them?
Open the box
Free my toughts
Let them scream
Let them shake
Choose my sex
Free myself
I guess...this is it
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