segunda-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2011

Jony...The boy behind the pedofile

Jony doesn't know how to love
His daddy didn't know either

"Come here little Jony,
And do whatever I want,
don't fear."

"Jony lick it
Jony be gentle
Jony suck it!"
Jony almost couldn't handle...

Jony is a bad boy
He doesn't like toys
He prefers cute little boys
Carefull Jony
Little boys brake too
They've expected too much
Too much from you.
Jony, please stop
Please Jony, stop now
Those little boys are now old somehow!
Jony run, runaway
'Cause the little boys are coming this way
I think they want to play
Just like you played with them yesterday...

Jony feel
Jony beg
Jony HELL!
Now he's dead!
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