segunda-feira, 19 de abril de 2010

Your Truth, my truth... and my "lies"

Figure it out. And when nothing again means nothing, nothing can be done besides doing it. So I'll just stand in front of your crowd and person by person kill everything that's harmful, yet I'll tell them no words. You will soon see the Virago inside me.
You say always that its not a habit, its cool, that you feel alive, but why does it have to say who is there beside you?
You're already falling into it. I know its not the habit, its cool, you feel alive...but its all a lie.
Everyone likes to pretend for a few seconds that the world is something more than a Rotten Apple, so I won't take that away from you. There are other ways...but you'll never even bother to ear, you were always listening to what you wanted to ear instead of earing me at all.
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