segunda-feira, 30 de março de 2009


I'm on spring brake! Nothing to do besides internet and listening to Tegan and Sara, DBSK(TVXQ) and Epik High --"...
Today I've spent the day at home .___. went to see Himes blog (full of cute stuff obviously!)
I have to start looking for something to do pronto! Or else I'll go mad! I've been wondering about perhaps making something with my hair, maybe un up-do? dont know xD I dont want to show my ears O__O, they are huge!

I've finally erased all decoration from my cell I was kinda tired of seeing it looking like a japanese phone with a lot of charms and gems --", so now its...simple =_="!

=O my pc has arrived finally (Toshiba something something..)! I took a few photos to try out the new web-cam..kinda cool n_n
I have a crappy internet now ^-^ and I can only use my blog and messenger, freaky isnt it? I can always go and ask my sister for downloads of kawaii Tv, Dramas and music >=D!

Theres nothing else to say I time I'm gonna start to write on portuguese cause I dont have to think about much as I write each word --".
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