sexta-feira, 14 de setembro de 2012

You can find it in my folder, xiu

Sometimes I wonder if all the things we've said were true. It was, I know deep down it was. Is this it? Being an adult? Spending my whole life thinking about the "ifs" and trying to go back to a thing that is gone? Is this how I suppose to feel? Being an adult? I've been reading a letter from a friend almost everyday, she wrote that letter 4 years ago, it said "I don't want answers, I actually prefer like that.." and every time I read the same sentence I fell like i die a little bit more. Probably that person doesn't even remember me anymore. How did we get to this point again? And the more important thing...why? 'Cause in my head it doesn't make sense, we swore, you swore that you wouldn't leave me, in that same stupid letter that I've been saving for all this years, that secretly I've been reading everyday just to see if I in some stupid way I can go back in time and be with you again. When I think about it I still imagine you exactly like the way you were, the songs we used to sing, the things we used to say and laugh about. Let me just say that after you, I never met no one that give me as much peace as you. And the time stopped again, in the exact moment that I've realized that we were in the same coffee shop, but in different tables. Since then it doesn't tik.

Ps: I'm truly happy that your dreams came true and I wish you can do even more 'cause you deserve everything and that you have lots of good friends that support you no matter what.
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