segunda-feira, 5 de abril de 2010


This post goes to all black female that knows what I am talking about! Hold on tight sisters, cause this will blow your mind! Have you ever wondered about how Byoncé and all the those gorgeous african ladies have such a beautiful and straight hair?! Well, let me tell you sometin'! Those are wigs girl! Beautiful, straight, nothing but fake hair! And now you're probably saying: " Damn, I wanted sooooo much to have that type of hair!!! I wonder if there's anything out there that has the same result!". Mama here can once for all tell you a big juicy fucked up black secret just for your hair! And I'm saying this because I've used the product and Lord I know its the shit! So the brand of the product is called "Soft and Beautiful" but wait, you can't just go on and buy anything, cause this brand has tons of products for various types of hair. I usually use a haircare for children xD. Now calm down, don't laugh about it, cause I know it may sound a bit strange but it really works. My product is "JUST FOR ME No-Lye Conditioning Relaxer Kit (Coarse)", dont get scared about the big words saying "SUPER" cause my hair was just curly and I got waves now, so it really doesn't ruin your hair, it actually make it better and softer!

Image of the Kit

So this is it. Just go and get your hair done as fast as you can! Stay African, stay beautiful, stay Black xD!

Love ya!
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